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Imc Plan of Cadbury Essay

Integrated communication marketing Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an approach to brand communications where the different modes work together to create a seamless experience for the customer and are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message. Its goal is to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, online communications and social media work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation, which maximizes their cost effectiveness. Marketing p’s 1) Product: (Cadbury cherry is our product) Products are the goods and services that your business provides for sale to your target market. When developing a product you should consider quality, design, features, packaging, customer service and any subsequent after-sales service. 2) Promotion: refers to the act of communicating the benefits and value of your product to consumers. It then involves persuading general consumers to become customers of your business using methods such as advertising, direct marketing, personal selling and sales promotion. 3) Place: is in regards to distribution, location and methods of getting the product to the customer. This includes the location of your business, shop front, distributors, logistics and the potential use of the internet to sell products directly to consumers. Target audience a target audience, is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at. (Kotler 2000)†¦ For example, if a company sells new diet programs for men with heart disease problems (target market) the communication may be aimed at the spouse (target audience) who takes care of the nutrition plan of her husband and child. A target audience can be formed of people of a certain age group, gender, marital status, etc., e.g. teenagers, females, single people, etc. A combination of factors, e.g. men aged 20–30 is a common target audience. Other groups, although not the main focus, may also be interested. Discovering the appropriate target market(s) and determining the target audience is one of the most important activities in marketing management. Target audience would be especially children of 5-10 ages as well as woman too Communication objectives Communications objectives include (1) creating awareness (2) imparting knowledge (3) projecting an image (4) shaping attitudes (5) stimulating a want or desire (6) Effecting a sale. Creative strategies Different creative strategies are used in order to obtain consumer attention and provoke shoppers to purchase or use a specific product. One of the most important components of an integrated marketing communications program is the message. It will be obvious that there are a myriad of ways to convey a marketing communication message. However, underlying all of these messages is a creative strategy that involves determining what the marketing communication message will say or communicate, and creative tactics dealing with how the message strategy will be implemented or executed. Planning Creative Strategy Those who work on the creative side of marketing communication often face a real challenge. They must take all the research, creative briefs, strategy statements, communication objectives and other inputs and transform them into an marketing communication message. Their job is to write copy, design layouts and illustrations and produce commercials that communicate effectively. Marketers usually hire marketing communication agencies to develop and implement their marketing communication campaigns because they are specialists in the creative function of marketing communication. However, it is important to point out that the development of creative strategy also involves representatives from the client side and other people in the agency as well as the creative staff. Media plan The process of establishing the exact media vehicles to be used for advertising. Advertising media generally include: * Television * Radio * Newspapers * Magazines (consumer and trade) * Outdoor billboards * Public transportation * Yellow Pages * Direct mail * Specialty advertising (on items such as matchbooks, pencils, calendars, telephone pads, shopping bags and so on) * Other media (catalogs, samples, handouts, brochures, newsletters and so on)

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A New Miss America: Nina Davuluri

Born in Syracuse, New York, and raised in Oklahoma and Michigan, it is hard to pick a more American story than that of Davuluri. The daughter of Indian doctors who immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s, Miss America embodies all ideas of the great American Dream. But an uneducated public is trying to crush that dream with their negativity. Misidentifying Davuluri as Muslim, Arab, Egyptian, and Indonesian, among other ethnicities, Twitter users did not Just stop at proclaiming hat, essentially, non-white participants of the pageant should be disqualified.They also linked her to terrorist organizations, such as A1 Qaeda. Some took it even further, outraged that she should be crowned in the same week as September 1 1 . Those who correctly acknowledged her Indian heritage made racist Jokes, playing on the stereotype that Indian-Americans often work in the grocery and food industries. It is ironic that the 24-year-old New Yorker is bullied about her race after her answer in t he question round of this weekend's pageant. Asked by Miss America udge Carla Hall about TV host Julie Chen's plastic surgery to appear â€Å"less Asian,† Davuluri responded, â€Å"I've always viewed Miss America as the girl next door.And the girl next door is evolving as the diversity in America evolves†¦ Definitely be confident in who you are. † One has to question if Davuluri is staying confident after her crowning considering the negative feedback from the public, although she is putting on a brave face. â€Å"I'm so happy this organization has embraced diversity,† she told The Associated Press. â€Å"There are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America. Addressing her â€Å"non-American† haters, she said, â€Å"l always viewed myself as first and foremost American. † Davuluri was not the only contestant rebuffed for her race.Fellow Top 5 runners- up Miss California Crystal Lee and Miss Minnesota Rebecca Yeh go t backlash for their Asian roots. Exactly thirty years after Vanessa Williams was crowned as the first black Miss America, it was refreshing to see the racial diversity at this year's pageant, with 13 non-white contestants. It showed a forward-thinking Miss America, focused more on intelligence, drive, talent, and poise and an attempt to move the pageant into the 1st century. Yet the American people were not yet ready for the group of diverse, educated young women who are the face of the future America. According to Census Bureau reports, America will be much less white than it is today, with the percentage of blacks, Asians, and Hispanics increasing in our population. ) These women are independent and strong, they represent many ditterent backgrounds, they are accessible, they are role models, they are real. They do not fit the stereotypical 1950s pageant queen archetype. They are more than that. The Judges could see that, choosing to focus on inner beauty and accomplishments. Some of those who verbally fought Miss America's title were firmly set on who they believed should be queen bee: Miss Kansas Theresa Vail.The 22-year-old blonde beauty is only the second military woman to participate in the pageant. As a sergeant in the U. S. Army and the first Miss America contestant to bear tattoos, Vail was a fan favorite long before the cameras starting rolling at the Atlantic City show. A humorous and highly talented young woman, Vail made it to the Top 10 but was cut from the competition after the talent round. Online, she was well-like because she mbodied the â€Å"real† American woman: she can sing, she has tattoos, she likes to hunt, she is poised but goofy and self-deprecating.She represents middle America. But on closer inspection, she does not embody America as it is today. She embodies what an ideal America used to be: middle class, white, Christian, rural, the picture- perfect WASP woman. So for all the progress the pageant made to depict a well- ro unded, diverse America, the public still gravitated, predictably, to the â€Å"All American Beauty. † â€Å"l swear I'm not racist but this is America. † How has this come to define America, a ountry renown for its opportunities, for its freedoms, and for being the greatest melting pot in the world?How dare you deny Miss America, a talented and intelligent woman, her shot at the American dream? Why are we stuck in archaic mindsets of who deserves to be praised for their accomplishments and then rewarded with scholarship funds to pursue their passions? Who are we to Judge? To Twitter user @JAyres15 and to all of those ganging up on Nina Davuluri: you may swear you are not a racist, but I swear that you are. You hide behind prejudice and bigotry, you are close-minded, and you are the non-American.

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Andrews Discussion 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Andrews Discussion 3 - Assignment Example In the second statement, the point of diversion for defining what is right lies at culture; hence, a significant component of ethics. The reasons for rating the statement as ‘strongly agree’ lie on the fact that every individual has a cultural background that forms the basis for early education. Such education governs what such an individual considers as right. On the other hand, the text indicates that peers expose individuals to early childhood education in the society (Andrews, Pruitt, & Durham, 2003). As such, the reasons as to why culture influences what is considered as right do not change after obtaining additional insight. According to the doctrine of utilitarianism, it is required that individuals maximize good to the greatest population and minimize suffering. Intervention is morally justified if an individual performs acts that compromise good for the greatest population. As such, if acting on self-interest enhances suffering among the population, intervention is morally required. However, if there is no compromise to the doctrine, â€Å"no one has the right to intervene when they think someone else has done something morally wrong.† For example, the act of a member of the Senate embezzling public funds may warrant an intervention because it causes suffering for the greatest population (the public). In addition, if a person litters, he or she may be held for an intervention because littering causes pollution and has adverse environmental and health effects for the greatest population, in the long run. 2. Has your rating of this statement changed after reading chapter 2 of the ethics textbook? If your rating has not changed, are your reasons for the rating any different now from when you first responded to this statement? The rating stands at ‘strongly agree’ before and after reading the text. The text provides information about the principles that govern morals. As such, the doctrine of utilitarianism is

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Frank Lloyd Wright Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Frank Lloyd Wright - Essay Example At the age of eighteen, Wright got admitted into the University of Wisconsin; however he was dropped before two years.3 Then he worked for Chicagoan architect James Lyman Silsbee, where he stayed only for few months. And later as he was employed by Sullivan and Adler, he was highly influenced by Sullivan's work that is now recognized as the first modern architect of America. One the prominent theory of Sullivan, which summed up his experience and knowledge was "form follows function," which meant that buildings design determine their use.4 However, it appeared quite far-reaching then, but was Wright accepted this by his 'Master'. Wright continued for five years with Sullivan where he worked as a designer and a draftsman. He designed the Charnely House, 1891 and worked for the greatest of the Sullivan buildings Chicago. He designed his own house in Oak Park in 1889. 5Later in 1893, to start his own practice in Chicago and Oak Park, he left Sullivan and Adler. Then he went for a year t o Europe, form where upon his return he went to an inherited farmhouse in Spring Green, Wis., where he built the Taliesin, the farmhouse in 1911. Later in 1915, in Tokyo Japan he built the Imperial Hotel, thereafter until its construction in 1922 he stayed in Japan.6 Due to his creativity and a longer period for w... Architectural Work Due to his creativity and a longer period for which he lived and worked, historians have divided his work into three divisions, i.e. the early period from 1893 to 1910, later the mature period between 1910 and 1945 and lastly the later period extending from 1945 to the year 1959.78 Early Period In the initial period of his work and practice, Wright mainly designed apartment buildings, and houses in Oak Park, Ill and Chicago and near townships. Although these buildings didn't actually indicated the pattern he was to follow later, but they represented great design and detail and were quite analogous to the forms of those designed by most of the educational and experimental designers.9 However, in 1902, he built the Willits House which contributed to his career, which reflected the signs of the themes he built in his later creations. More specifically, they had exteriors which were low and had wide overhangs and hipped roofs these themes later turned out to be recognized as the Prairie Houses or Style which were one of his identities. The Martin House built in 1904 in Buffalo, N.Y., and the Heurtley House at Oak Park in 1902, were significant in this particular style.10 Moreover one of his greatest creations was the Larkin Company Administration Building in Buffalo in 1904, which was the first of his masterpieces. Not only the design and level of detail were not only significant, but the its interior entrance hall; and the use of air conditioning and plate glass, were of considerable attention then, though it's quite common in houses today, and also the, however this building was demolished in 1905. Soon afterwards he created a number of masterpieces of the Prairie Style; of

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Improving the supply chain management at Actavis through Essay

Improving the supply chain management at Actavis through implementation of an integrated ERP System - Essay Example Furthermore, we provide guidance in the selection, implementation, and maintenance of an ERP solution, including the inventory control and business process redesign efforts necessary to ensure acceptance of the new system and to maximize its use. We intend this to be a visionary document, detailing the true cost of ownership and providing a base of knowledge for Actavis group to successfully complete its ERP implementation. The PS-ERP was developed by first understanding Actavis's existing culture, infrastructure, relevant skill sets, and organizational commitment. This was done by interviewing Actavis Management and Employees in the Payroll, Human Resources (HR), and Finance areas that will be impacted. We then analyzed the environment, leveraging our broad ERP implementation experience in the public sector involving both non-generic industry and other Pharmaceutical companies. We validated our understanding and findings with external research, including discussions with respected IT research sources and similar governmental organizations that recently implemented ERP systems. We then developed numerous recommendations to better prepare Actavis for its planned implementation, as well as tools to continue to evaluate the proper preparation and implementation steps. The possible benefits of the ERP implementation is examined in terms of improvement in cost justifications with low inventory pullout. CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . .

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The Role of Lead Users in New Product Development Essay

The Role of Lead Users in New Product Development - Essay Example This paper discusses that given the dynamic environment within which the marketing activity is carried out, there is no gain saying the fact that product innovation occupy a very prime position in the quest to maintain relevance in the market of a modern economy. As the report stresses lead users maybe defined as a sample population of a manufacturers intended market, who get to use a new product before it is actually launched in the market and name generally available to every would be user. A very important indicator of the health of a company is its customer satisfaction index. This all important indicator can be known only after a thorough market analysis, which can be achieved when the lead users approach is adopted. The ultimate aim in the mind of manufacturers is to make sales and by extensions make profit considering that more sales is a strong indicator of a company’s performance at any given time. Lead users aid market research because it results in systematic gathering, recording and analysis of every data concerning the response of the consumers to the new product. These are the potential customer base of the company and how they react is an indicator of market tendencies and effective business plans can then be created by the manufacturers. The most likely portion of the population to patronize the products are exposed via this approach to market analysis. At a very early stage product downsides are discovered and improved upon.

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Employment Testing and Human Resource Management Article

Employment Testing and Human Resource Management - Article Example The researcher states that while Ajila and Okafor give a detailed and informative account of employment testing, the relevance of such testing in Human Resource Management is given only superficial treatment. Ajila and Okafor define Human Resources Management, its objective in matching organizational goals with employee skills, and the use of employment testing as a step in any â€Å"comprehensive screening program†. The authors present an in-depth account of the origin and nature of employment testing, beginning with its roots in the tests of Francis Galton in 1883, and its evolution over the decades: from Alfred Binet’s scales, the Stanford-Binet test, and the Army Tests used in World War I. Ajila and Okafor go on to define psychological tests, and analyze employment testing in terms of validity and reliability. As personnel selection is one of the most significant features of Human Resource Management, the authors explore validity (accuracy, legitimacy) and reliabili ty (dependability or consistency) in terms of measures used to assess the â€Å"attributes related to success on the job†. The authors give a comprehensive report of the various types of tests used in personnel screening and selection, based on cognitive ability, mechanical ability, motor and sensory ability, aptitude, personality, and knowledge. By providing examples of each kind of test, the authors further elucidate the nature of employment testing and the purpose and use of the different tests. Ajila and Okafor conclude with the unequivocal assertion that employment testing should definitely be a part of the process of personnel selection. While the authors give a commendably detailed analysis of the history of psychological testing, and a comprehensive list of the types of tests, the article does not make a strong enough case for the inclusion of such testing in the personnel selection process. Ajila and Okafor do not quote any studies or research to back their stand tha t employment testing is a reliable and valid method of personnel selection.

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Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 107

Discussion - Essay Example There is a clear argument on the place of the church in combating witchcraft, through hunting the using the spirit. It is clear that the church did possess a fundamental role in combating the witchcraft woes. Even when a friend or an enemy accused somebody, what followed was immediate prosecution without even confirmation of the events or the authenticity of the information. It was too unjust, even as the try to ensure that every person did heed to the societal norms. In the discussion, there are claims that the church even took advantage of the witchcraft issue, and could punish any person who did not follow it precepts, with the claim that they were in possession of the witch. All that did instill fear among people. Such people were punished and excommunicated from all the societal activities (Barry, Jonathan, Marianne & Roberts, pg. 318). Essentially, the analysis of the discussion led to a rise of various concepts that were not there previously. Most significantly, the role of the church in combating the witchcraft issues was not praised. The church had ventured in the earthly aspects and forgotten their core mandate, which is spreading the Good News of the Risen Christ. Prosecution through death was also against the Christian teachings, as the Ten Commandments stipulate that one should not kill. Only God has the power to take life away. It is so sad that even before one was presumed guilty, he or she was already prosecuted. There does emerge a very sensitive issue. Does the church follow the aspects of justice? How did they establish that whatever was being said was the utmost truth? Torture was rampant, and it did remain so contradicting that the church was not in a position to preach about justice, but rather coerced all the

Current Trends in Nursing Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Current Trends in Nursing Practice - Essay Example The pioneers of this model seek to promote quality, accountability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness in health care delivery. The need for the coordination arose due to several reasons, which include patients receiving care from different physicians and through communication breakdown, results to misdiagnosis. Secondly, poor services provided triggered the need for the care organizations and due to high cost involved in the health care programs (Austin, 2015). The aim of this model is to provide high quality health care for Medicare patients at reduced prices. The accountable care organizations have several advantages to the patients’ outcome. First, the patients receive improved care management with limited unnecessary expenditure. Secondly, the accountable care organizations model allows the patients to select their preferred medical services. Thirdly, the innovative health care delivery model enhances patient safety since there is coordination among the doctors and health care providers. Lastly, by providing preventive health, the patients are able to live well and do according to the doctor’s advice to avoid unnecessary illnesses leading to improved living standards (Chapel, 2015). Chapel, H. (2015). Accountable Care Organizations rapidly changing health care market place. Retrieved from: