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Tenets of Rational choice theory and Situation Crime Prevention - 1375 Words

Tenets of Rational choice theory and Situation Crime Prevention (Essay Sample) Content: Crime Choice theoryStudents NameInstitutionSupervisors NameDateIntroductionCrime theories where developed to help in explaining and understanding the change of criminal activities. They are also used to explain how crimes occur and why they occur. Crime theories are thus one of the key reasons for helping understand what leads to people performing a particular criminal behavior. This enables people to make informed decisions on treatment among other policy changes. The crime theories argue that people commit crimes for different reasons.Tenets of Rational choice theory and Situation Crime PreventionThis is one of the oldest theories when it comes to the study of criminal behavior. It was first developed during the 18th century and has been expanded since then in many different ways. Most of the criminal behavior developed since they have been linked to the rational choice and situational crime prevention. In fact, the rational choice theory has been used in both crimi nal and non-criminal actions. Some of the tenets of the theory evolve around committing some act due to the reward gained from the act that is greater than the associated risk. At this, the rational choice does not look at the psychological, biological, and environmental factors, which might compel an individual to commit a crimeCITATION Dan00 \l 1033 (Farrell Hodgkinson, Crime choice theory, 2015). The theory clearly states that the cost of the crime is what determines a decision to become a criminal.At this criminal will always look at the benefit of not committing the crime, but will, in the end, determine that the rewards are far greater than the benefit of not committing the crime. This makes crime a purposive behavior with the intention to meet the offenders basic needs and desire for money, class, lifestyle, sex and other forms of excitementCITATION Dan00 \l 1033 (Farrell Hodgkinson, Crime choice theory, 2015). To meet these needs the individual has to go through some cho ices and decisions thus the rational choice needs to be reached.Situational crime prevention, on the other hand, argues in every crime, there is always a decision behind it. At this, the individual will weigh the risks and the gains, in most cases, this is whey offenders will always approach crime by choosing a suitable target. In any crime thus, the theory asserts that the offender must be motivated, there should be a lack of control and a suitable victim CITATION Far10 \l 1033 (Farrell, Situational Crime Prevention and its Discontent: Rational Choice and Harm reduction versus 'Cultural Criminology', 2010). Some of the crime prevention techniques are usually aimed at decreasing the number of suitable victims and add the amount of control to ensure there is no loophole for the crime to be committed.Comparing the two theoriesThe theories are important as they help reduce an increase in efforts of crime. They look at target hardening, anti-robbery screens, and locks and tamper proof ing package. There is a need for a more controlled facility that looks that ways which people can easily enter when they are not supposed to. This involves body screening, baggage scanning, electronic access regulations, and the use of entry phones on doors CITATION Far10 \l 1033 (Farrell, Situational Crime Prevention and its Discontent: Rational Choice and Harm reduction versus 'Cultural Criminology', 2010). Electronic merchandising tags are also used in preventing shoplifting.The two theories are also important in ensuring an increase in the crime risks. This is because according to the theories, the biggest fear of any offender is being caught. This is because once they are apprehended the consequences are always punitive. This ensures that they become more careful thus afraid to commit the offense. Such actions like carrying a cell phone with a hotline, neighborhood watch routine and going in groups at night can enable the increase in the risk of committing a crime CITATION Kei 07 \l 1033 (Hayward, 2007). Other aspects include an increase in streetlights, defensible space designs and other aspects that reduce anonymity.The other important aspect is to ensure a reduction of the reward as this will decrease the benefits of criminal offenders. According to Farrell (2010), criminal offenders are always seeking benefits from their acts like sexual for sex offenders, material for thieving, revenge, approval from their peers or excitement. At this, the situational crime prevention will ensure that targets are concealed to hide the potential gains, closing curtains at home or hiding jewelry to prevent people from getting a peek of the inside. Property identification is also another way as it ensures such items like cars and other valuables can be traced by to the owner.Arguments advanced by Hayward and Farrell on the two theoriesAccording to Hayward, (2007) Rational choice theory and situational crime prevention basically rely on the use of measures directed at v ery high and specific forms of crime that looks at the design, management, and manipulation of the environment to which these crimes are set to occur. All these efforts are done as a way of reducing or closing all the opportunities that the crime can occur. However, Hayward (2007) does not agree that this is all time effective. In his argument, Hayward affirms that the motivation behind offenders has continued to change over the years. Set against the motivation of property crimes that are the inspiration of the rational choice theories, is the development of crimes that contain much more expressive or emotional elements.People who act under irrationality now control crime. As much as the theory can be useful in reducing crime, the situation crime prevention and rational choice approach may not be effective enough when it comes to preventing chaotic, expressive, or violent crimes that lead to community disharmony and public distress. For example, it is difficult for the theories to provide a way forward for gang-related crimes, child molestation, drunken assault, rape or hoax security agency service call outs. Hayward talks about the emotionality or the sensation gathers. These offenders have to particular form of rationality in their action. They include hooligans, narcissists, arsonists, binge drinkers, and joyriders. They contribute to the highest number of criminal offenders while they are having no sole purpose in their actions. Hayward (2007) adds that criminology is also motivated by what people read or watch. It is possible that some people commit a crime even without the knowledge that it is an offense.Farrell (2010)on the other hand, argues that Haywards defense on the rational choice and situational crime prevention does not necessarily have grounds. The author argues that every form of crime is motivated behind it. For example when looking at the issue of joyriding as a reason for crime. Farrell argues that there is often a motivation toward it. F or example, when an individual talks a car for joyriding, this is instrumental and can be seen as the main motivation for the crime. Farrell adds that Hayward fails to recognize a reduction in crime rates in countries like the United Kingdom where 61% of such crimes ...

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Sweetgun Slough Conflict Essay Samples

Sweetgun Slough Conflict Essay SamplesSweetgun Slough Conflict Essay samples will assist you in defining your paper topic in a very clear manner. I found many advantages of using this type of sample.When searching for different types of sample materials for an essay, one must take into consideration the needs of the student. These may vary from person to person depending on the difficulty level of the assignment, type of essay being written, and even personal preferences. These essays should also have variety because there are so many types of conflicts between countries, and many different conflicts that arise throughout the world today.There are so many question types to look through. You can determine which type of question is appropriate to fit your assignment. It is also important to determine the location of the assignment, and the style of question it requires. This will give you a great opportunity to use a good quality example essay.The final step is to find a general type o f essay. Each type of assignment will require a different type of essay to properly cover the assignment.Papers need to be clear and concise. But for many students, getting the academic paper in the required amount of time is an added pressure that is trying their patience.Sweetgun Slough Conflict Essay samples is the solution for such assignments. Students will be able to get on the correct track with ease.These samples will allow you to find the perfect essay for your assignment. This article will give you a few tips to do this. I hope you will find these sample essays to be very useful.

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Euthanasia Is Not The Active Death Of A Patient - 1359 Words

Euthanasia comes from the Greek words, Eu, meaning good, and thanatosis meaning death. This means ‘Good death,’ ‘Gentle and easy death.’ It is also the word has come to be used for ‘Mercy killing.’ In this sense Euthanasia means the active death of a patient. In today’s society euthanasia has become very controversial on whether or not it is classified as a good action to take for suffering patients of painful and incurable diseases or an irreversible coma. The video I just showed you was an ad that has been banned in Australia for the very reason of supporting and advocating Euthanasia. The government is against Euthanasia and leaving people to suffer in excruciating pain or to find other means of peace, which more than often leads to†¦show more content†¦This decision is made by another person because the patient is incapable of to doing so himself/herself. There are also two different procedural classifications; these are Passive and Active Euthanasia. Passive is when life-sustaining treatments are withheld. For example if a doctor prescribes increasing does of strong painkillers which may eventually be toxic for the patient, some may argue whether passive Euthanasia is taking place. In most cases, the doctor’s m easures are seen as a passive one. On the other hand Active Euthanasia is the use of lethal substances or forces which then gets used to end the patient’s life. Active Euthanasia includes life-ending actions conducted by the patient or somebody else. There have been several attempts to legalise Euthanasia in certain parts of Australia, however it is currently still unlawful. Lobby groups opposing the issue and associated arguments: There are many arguments opposing Euthanasia, but the main lobby group is the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). Their vision is to see the Christian Principles influencing the way we are governed, do business, and relate to each other as a community. ACL facilitates professional engagement and dialogue between church and state, allowing the voice of the church and of the individual Christians to be heard in the public square. Jim Wallace the deputy Chairman of the Australian Christian Lobby stated in an interview on†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ that â€Å"†¦.† Other arguments opposing Euthanasia is that

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The Motherhood Penalty A Review Of Literature - 1406 Words

The motherhood penalty: A review of literature For over 150 years, women have been fighting back against patriarchy for the rights to our own bodies, careers and lives in general. The women’s movement has a accomplished great strides for humankind; however, women remain bound and suffocated by constructions patriarchy in both the private and public spheres. For many women, private and public spheres intersect and create a tension constructed by society that suggests that women must choose between family or career. Whichever choice a woman makes, she will likely be scrutinized, criticized and objectified for her decision. If a woman chooses to pursue her career, she risks being labeled as frigid and selfish. If a woman becomes a mother, she must devote her entire existence to raising her children, which existing literature refers to as ‘mothering,’ a verb, something that is done. Women in politics frequently experience this phenomenon commonly known as the motherhood trap, which can affect many different perspectives and identities. The motherhood trap will be explored in depth in the following review of literature. The motherhood trap unveils the deep, dark secrets of capitalism, in the way it relies so heavily on unpaid labor, often from women, in order to sustain itself. Women provide this unpaid labor at the cost of careers, and overall earning power. For example, if a woman exits the workforce for maternity leave, her wages will never bounce back from thisShow MoreRelatedLiterature Review : The United States Essay1505 Words   |  7 PagesChassidy Barnhardt Professor Redmond SOC 320 Section 1 September 29, 2016 Literature Review Literature Review The United States has quite a storied history in terms of discrimination towards women in the workplace. Such discrimination only increases when the events of childbirth are taken into account. When women give birth, they often opt to stay lengthy amounts of time with the members of the family as opposed to remaining in the workplace for the duration of their maternity leave. Thus, thereRead MoreEffects Of Gender Discrimination On The Workplace1229 Words   |  5 Pages Review of Literature The 1960s, is most commonly known for the concept of â€Å"free love† and the anti-war movement, but this era also gave rise to another feminist movement and women flocked to the workforce en masse. Over half a century has passed and there is no argument that this country, our country has made great strides in the area of gender equality in and out of the workplace. With that being said things are still not equal. Women still on average make less than men for the same jobs. EvenRead MoreWomen s Role For A Management Job2171 Words   |  9 Pageshave two jobs as opposed to one, in my opinion the option of opting out of maternity leave creates a problem as the issue arises when mothers take maternity leave and have to indirectly pay the price as discussed in the above paragraph, Much of the literature supports this working mother’s claim that maternity leave and the subsequent return to work decreases future advancement opportunities. Belkin (2003), taking maternity leav e is indeed the beginning of a career break or slow for mothers in paid occupationsRead MoreThe Standard Economic Theory ( Robbins )3306 Words   |  14 Pagesdata from the National Longitudinal Survey of Young Women (NLSYW) of 2,133 women who have been surveyed from 1968 to 1988. Waldfogel finds that even when controlling for actual experience and education level, â€Å"the penalty associated with having one child is over 5 percent, and the penalty for two or more children is over 13 percent† (p. 212). This gap flies in the face of the typically cited human capital theory (Waldfogel 1997). Waldfogel then proceeds to evaluate the alternative hypotheses ofRead MoreLiterature Review On Teen Pregnancy1344 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction This Literature Review gives a deep insight of some of the available literature related to teen pregnancy, neighborhood effects on poverty, and socio-economic effects of teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy has become a significant issue in society. A large number of teen pregnancy and school dropouts have been recorded in the past and get associated with poverty. To understand teen pregnancy and its association with poverty; this literature review is going to examine some of the academicRead MoreGender Inequality Across All Professions1799 Words   |  8 Pagesin unequal pay, the second, which encompasses systemic problems of discrimination and gender â€Å"pay penalties,† contribute quite significantly to inequality in the workplace and to pay gaps in particular. This review of literature will help us to explore and further understand why gender inequality towards women in America still exists. Meritocracy and Structure in Gender Inequality Literature Review Gender inequality is broadly understood to be the unequal distribution of economic resources betweenRead MoreThe Differing Wage Levels And Income Inequality Essay1358 Words   |  6 Pagesconduct a study using regression analysis of cross sectional data to examine various different factors that affect wages considering education, marital and family status, gender, a number of control variables and how they are all connected. Review of Literature Education It is commonly accepted in theory and in empirical results, that in general, a higher level of education will yield a higher wage (Acemoglu and Autor 2011). In recent years there are studies to suggest that the importance of educationRead MoreThe Challenges Of Being a University Student and a Mom Essay1702 Words   |  7 Pagesidentities that are supported by a traditional college setting (Arnett, Ramos Jensen, 2001; Arnett, 2000) but instead already have an adult identity as a mother (Wilsey, 2013) with a different set of needs and because of the familial responsibility motherhood brings with it these women are no longer â€Å"traditional† students (Cross, 1981; Bean Metzer, 1985, 1987; Hazzard, 1993; Nora, Kraemer, Itzen, 1997; Sundberg, 1997). Further, existing research on postsecondary education indicates that, for manyRead MoreMeritocracy And Structure Of Gender Inequality1773 Words   |  8 Pagesdefined as meritocratic versus structural – shows that althoug h the first may play a role in unequal pay, the second, which encompasses systemic problems of discrimination and gender â€Å"pay penalties,† contribute quite significantly to inequality in the workplace and to pay gaps in particular. Literature Review Gender inequality is broadly understood to be the unequal distribution of economic resources between men and women. It is a nearly universal problem that women suffer from lower access toRead MoreGender Inequality1369 Words   |  6 Pagesjob position. Moreover, it may affect them at the workplace, like with their salary wages or any chance of growth in their career. For this research I gathered and compared other research studies that revolve around this research question. LITERATURE REVIEW Studies similar to this topic have showed that there are staggering discrepancies in income in the United States. Single mothers’ income was 21% lower that of single fathers in 2010. Moreover, studies have shown that single mothers are more likely

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The Story Of An Hour And A Rose For Emily Literary Analysis

Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour and William Faulkners â€Å"A Rose for Emily tells the story of women who face isolation and struggle with their own terms of freedom upon the death of a male figure in their life. Louise and Emily come from different time periods, backgrounds, and have different experiences, yet both share commonality in that they have let themselves be affected by the unrealistic expectations placed on them as traditional ladies. Both of these characters are commonly misconstrued as unsympathetic, neurotic women. In discovering the dismal outcomes held for these women, it is evident within both of these stories that the destructive nature of self-repression is embodied in the primary characters. In A Rose for Emily, it†¦show more content†¦Dilworth states the narrator is almost an accomplice to the crime that Emily commits. The towns strife to keep Emily an idealized representative of southern women, and thus ignores the many obvious signs of murder. This is shown through the purchase of arsenic, that is acquired without the required explanation, and the investigator who knows the stench is not from Emily herself, but vehemently denies this truth to uphold the image of her as a lady. It is through the dismissal of these actions as simply coming from a hysterical woman, that Emily is allowed to delve deeper into her destructive nature. Louises identity is defined by her epiphany, while Emily, who never breaks free from her restrictions, continues to be confined to the identity placed upon her from the community. Louise’s name is not discovered until after her discovery of freedom, up to this point she had been only referred to as her married name. This is significant because it shows how both authors show how deeply these women rooted their identities in their repression during these times. They are both confined to the image of their own household. Emily’s house is symbolic, the town people can only see her from outside her house, which is representative of her family’s legacy which she, herself is only perceived by as well. â€Å"Only Miss Emily’s house was left,Show MoreRelatedEssay A Rose for Emily: Literary Analysis 2990 Words   |  4 PagesENG 102 Analysis Research Paper 09-25-10 Literary Analysis William Faulkner’s short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† carries a theme represented by a dying breed of that era, while using symbolism to represent tragedy, loneliness and some form of pride, the story also shows how far one will go to have the approval of others and the pursuit of happiness. In today’s times, a person’s image could mean everything in life and almost everyone tries to fit into the main stream in some form at some pointRead Moreuna‚Äà ²ÃƒÅ Ãƒ ²ÃƒËœ1561 Words   |  7 Pages May 19th, Victoria Day (College Closed) How to write strong essays Suzuki, â€Å"Ancestors – The Genetic Source† 4 May 26th – May 30th Reading Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Frye, â€Å"Don’t You Think It’s Time to Start Thinking† Chopin, â€Å"The Story of an Hour† Essay #1 5 June 02nd – June 06th Responding to Text: Techniques for Writing about Reading tba Research Assigned 6 June 09th – June 13th Research and Documentation; Summarizing and Paraphrasing; Quotes and Support; Primary and SecondaryRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pagesï » ¿TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS The purpose of Text Interpretation and Analysis is a literary and linguistic commentary in which the reader explains what the text reveals under close examination. Any literary work is unique. It is created by the author in accordance with his vision and is permeated with his idea of the world. The reader’s interpretation is also highly individual and depends to a great extent on his knowledge and personal experience. That’s why one cannot lay down a fixed â€Å"model†Read MoreThe Hours - Film Analysis12007 Words   |  49 PagesThe Suicide of the Author and his Reincarnation in the Reader: Intertextuality in The Hours by Michael Cunningham Andrea Wild In his novel The Hours, Michael Cunningham weaves a dazzling fabric of intertextual references to Virginia Woolfs works as well as to her biography. In this essay, I shall partly yield to the academic itch to tease out the manifold and sophisticated allusions to the numerous intertexts. My aim, however, is not to point out every single reference to Woolf and her works--suchRead MoreThe Jade Pendant5982 Words   |  24 Pagesparticular, this is most true of the Singapore Short story which was by comparison to other forms of literary expression most prolific during the early years of Singapore s history. This study first provides a brief historical overview of the Singapore Short story written in English after which it examines the development of the genre through its first decade dating from 1978 and subsequently, the next ten years to the present. The Short Story in Singapore Singapore is a cosmopolitan Asian cityRead MoreStylistic Analysis10009 Words   |  41 PagesThe theme of the course paper is concerned with the stylistic analysis of five poems by different authors (D.H. Lawrence, H.W. Longfellow, R. Burns, Ch. Kingsley, B. Googe). The issue of stylistics and stylistic analysis has been extensively studied in recent years and the problem of stylistics has been a subject of special interest. Various scientific paradigms, trends and methods of stylistics and literary studies have been developed and explored in the works by suchRead MoreThe Censorship of Art Essay example14698 Words   |  59 PagesKasso, the teenager in Long Island who stabbed his friend to death and took out his eyes, after which he hung himself, followed Black Sabbath and Judas Priest (p.130). After some shorter additional testimonies, the Committee was adjourned after five hours of debate. 3. After the Hearings: Quiet Before the Storm Following the Hearing, on November 1 of 1985, the PMRC, and its ally the National Parents and Teachers Association, reached an agreement with the RIAA on the voluntary record label (JointRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesby Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds

Essay on Using Technology to Increase Academic Success

Using Technology to Increase Academic Success I remember growing up and watching my older sister and brother receive English and Math lessons on a small chalkboard that my mother used to help us read and write. It was the same method that her mother and her mother’s mother used to learn. The portable chalkboard was a staple to my families learning ability. In the last ten years technology has seemingly become an extension of ourselves. When I go out with my wife everywhere I go I see kids, adults, toddlers and even grandparents with some electronics device that seems to be occupying their attention. Technology is especially on the rise in the academic communities from elementary schools, to daycares and most notably amongst high-schoolers†¦show more content†¦In this same study it was shown that 76% also agreed that they felt more prepared for their future education plans by managing their plans with technological applications while an additional 61% of student reported that they used technological devices and ap plications to help them prepare for work (Dahlstrom, Walker, Dziuban, 2013). Statistics show that technology use and ownership is steadily on the rise as the comparison of statistics from 2012 to 2013 of ECAR’s Undergraduate Students and information Technology states. There has been a 9.3% average increase on electronics ownership from 2012 to 2013(Statistics provided from: CDW, 2012) (Dahlstrom, Walker, Dziuban, 2013). According ECAR’s Study from 2004 to 2012 there was an increase of 83% of students who own a laptop. The 2013 study found that 58% of the student own three or more internet-capable devices (CDW, 2012) (Dahlstrom, Walker, Dziuban, 2013). Parents, for example, utilize technology in their favor by buying electronic toys that teach their kids to learn to paint, count, read, recognize colors, animals and even help them learn different languages. A better description is given in the book Quest to Learn, by Salem, Torres, Wolozin (2011) who admits that many games are developed by designers to inspireShow MoreRelatedUsing Technology to Increase Academic Success1277 Words   |  6 PagesHow Using Technology Can Increase Academic Success Distance education has become one of the more prominent forms of study due to the ever-changing technology offered to this modern era of students; Technology has thoroughly improved academic success. Distance education has a glorious history that can be traced back to its roots in the early 1840’s. â€Å"It was Sir Issac Pitman, the English inventor of shorthand, who in 1840 devised his concept to offer education courses by mail, who, in a historicalRead MoreStudent Motivation And Academic Success1568 Words   |  7 Pagescontribute to the academic success of a student in college – motivation, learning preferences/styles, socioeconomic status, whether or not the student is a first generation college student, gender, and even race. With so many factors potentially contributing or hindering a student’s academic success in college; it is important for teachers to attempt to connect with students in the classroom. Adjusting instructional methods that focus on stude nts’ learning preferences/styles can increase student motivationRead MoreThe Impact Of Digital Technology On Academic Study883 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion: Digital technology lead to success in academic study In the last 30 years, IT technology has become more integrated in educational institutions. Currently, many educational institutions are focused on the use of technology such as; online discuss forum, academic websites, PowerPoint presentation and use of audio-visual aid. Moreover, technology helps students to achieve their intended goal to meet success. For the purpose of this essay, the term technology means materials, digital toolsRead MoreTechnology Can Increase Academic Sucess Essay1101 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology is defined as the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems (Merriam-Websters Dictionary, 2011). It seems that no matter where you turn there is some sort of technology that you have to deal with on a daily basis because as a society we have become reliant on technology to help us do the simplest of tasks. This is not a bad thing when you put technology to good use such as by implementing it into school curriculum s properly in order toRead MoreUsing Technology to Increase Success966 Words   |  4 PagesUsing Technology to Increase Academic Success Hector Bonilla COLL 100 DO55 FALL 12 American Military University Dr. Augustine M. Amenyah Using Technology to Increase Academic Success Technology has changed the world we live in and has made a very positive impact on the way we learn, an education is just a couple of clicks away from anyone anywhere. It has made it convenient and possible for people with busy schedules, full time jobs and Military who are inRead MoreThe Impact Of Digital Technology On Academic Study871 Words   |  4 Pages Digital technology leads to success in academic study In the last 30 years, IT technology has become more integrated in educational institutions. Currently, many educational institutions are focused in the use of technology such as; online discuss forum, academic websites, PowerPoint presentation and use of audio-visual aid. Moreover, technology helps students to achieve their intended goal to meet success. For the purpose of this essay, the term technology means materials, digital tools, electronicRead MoreUsing Technology For Academic Success1192 Words   |  5 PagesUsing Technology to Increase Academic Success Michael D. Calabrese COLL 100 American Military University Professor Jennifer Gordonâ€Æ' Using Technology to Increase Academic Success This essay will talk about how in today’s modern world we can use technology to increase the academic success of a student. Along with that, we will cover the different types of devices used today, the World Wide Web and its search engines, how technology is used in school and what are its downfalls, and how technologyRead MoreImproving School Education System Essay1360 Words   |  6 Pageseducated. However, free education cannot be translated to success for all. For those motivated ones who cherish the privilege to be educated are those who climb up the success ladders later in life. For a certain majority of students in the States, our current educational system may not seem to serve its purpose. In this paper, I will explore two possible adjustments that could be made to improve our system to benefit our next generation. Academic improvement and class size reduction are the two adjustmentsRead MoreEffects Of Using Instagram On High School Students Academic Studies10 01 Words   |  5 PagesGR 12 RESEARCH TASK – LO The Effect of Using INSTAGRAM on High School Students Academic Studies Part 2: Proposal By: Avrami Nossel Hypothesis: Students who use Instagram will put less effort into school work and will achieve lower marks in academics than those who do not use Instagram. Aim: To determine the effect of high school students’ using Instagram on their ability to spend time and effort on school work and achieve academically. Introduction: Instagram is a fast growingRead MoreMotivation Affects Many Different Areas For Students1075 Words   |  5 PagesMotivation affects many different areas for students in education. Areas include how the student feels about school, teacher relationships, testing performance, and time and effort spent on academics. Without motivation, academic engagement is almost impossible to achieve. However, research has shown that highly motivated students perform better academically, have a better self-esteem, and tend to complete high school. As a student progresses through school, motivation tends to decline. According

IT Management & Issues of Stay Togrther Group †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the IT Management Issues of StayTogrther Group. Answer: Introduction The report presents the analysis of the decisions taken by the management of StayTogrther, which is a combined group of ten different hotel chains. The management has decided to have a merger of their business so that they can be saved from the intense market competition prevailing in the hospitality industry. There are hotels that are very low priced and are giving tough competition to these hotel groups. Thus this working together in a group is a strategic move of the hotel chains to sustain the competition. There are majorly four management decisions the report will focus upon for achieving the desired goals i.e. attracting new customers, brand loyalty, brand patronage and new business opportunities. These are the goals which the hotels are planning to achieve by this merger. Finally, the report will offer few recommendations guiding the way of utilizing ICT for attaining high competitive benefits by the hotel chains against the several market competitors. Involvement of Information Systems and Information Technology in the managerial processes and its impact on the organisation In the hospitality industry, the competition is rising across the world. There are numerous new market entrants who are fetching the attention of the potential customers by offering them services at very squat prices. This is ruining the business of the set and established hotels who charge high prices because of the quality and value services. To overcome these issues, the group of ten hotel chains have planned to merge their business. The merger of the businesses can offer them several; advantages such as having increased customer base, reduced threat of competitive rivalry, innovations and technological integration. By this merger, the hotels want to achieve some of the specific desired goals such as attracting new customers which means that fetching the attention of the customers of the competitors. The other goals are increasing the brand loyalty, continued patronage by the means of synergy and accessing new business opportunities which can arise as a result of the merger (Cunil l, 2006). The management has focused upon four major decisions for achieving the above mentioned goal statements. The management decisions are starting up of a Loyalty scheme under which the customers will b de offered additional services like free nights, car parking on site and airport transfers. The loyalty schemes are the planned marketing approaches which are designed by the organisations for fascinating the customers nod encouraging them to continue their association with the business organisation and the relative products and services (Uncles, Dowling and Hammond, 2003). These schemes offer additional advantages to the loyal customers who have remained reliable to the services of a particular brand in spite of the various choices available. Therefore some rewards points are offered to those customers so that they can maintain their association in a similar way (Bolton, Kannan and Bramlett, 2000). To achieve the planned goals, loyalty schemes is a great strategic idea as it will help in gathering the attention of the competitors customer who are not receiving such additional benefits and will become the potential customers of StayTogether. The second management decision is to establish a standard restaurant and a kitchen on site which will be offering free of cost dinner, breakfast and buffet to the customers. These services will be a complementary offer with the hotel rooms reserved by the customers. The restaurant which come under the exclusive category will be charged a b it extra. The primary aim of this managerial decision is to add to the dollar value which is earned per guest. The decision of offering free buffet, breakfast and dinner can be analysed as a fine strategy for the hotel chains as it will be gathering increased attention of the customers by offering them those additional services which are essential and required and acts as a necessary expenditure by the travellers or the customers (Taylor, 2012). It will also help in increasing the brand loyalty as the customers fell pledged that they are provided with such services which are exceptional and are not offered by other low price hotels. The major point of fascination is that it saves huge costs of the customers as mainly in the overseas regions, the food prices are much high (Suh, Tanford and Singh, 2012). Therefore, this decision of the management is considered as a good move for sustaining the competition. The third management decision is to offer rebates to the customers if they are travelled by some specific airlines. The rebate will be in the form of credit for free of cist meals or free nights. Rebate is a kind of sales promotion which is offered by the marketers as the supplements or incentives with the purchase of any other product or service. It is one of the highly used strategies for advertising sales (Guo, et al., 2014). It offers advantages to the customers that are made to be grabbed instantly or later on. This helps in attracting the customers to make a purchase in consideration for these additional benefits offered as rebates. Rebates can be in the form of payback, discounts on other production, additional services, etc. The management decision of offering rebates supports the accomplishment of the goals set to be achieved after the merger (Lo, Lynch and Staelin, 2007). Rebates are one of the beasty ways which attracts the customers as there are potential customers who ar e much fascinated by the offers, discounts and re bates rather than less prices. Thus, this will help in fetching the attention of the new and potential customers as well as also offer new business opportunity by having tie ups with other companies as providing services and products of their companies in the rebates schemes (Guo, et al., 2013). The fourth and the last management decision is that there will be launched a corporate social responsibility programme under which the customers will be nominating or selecting a charity where they will wish the hotel chain to donate a total of one percent of the total i.e. the billable amount of the customer (Bohdanowicz and Zientara, 2008). This is one of the highly social and responsible managerial decisions of the hotel chains. The primary benefit of this decision will on the enhancement of the brand loyalty. The social program like charity donations increase the brand visibility and brand recognition of an organisation as well as also improve the image of business organisation in the eyes of the customers. The individuals usually want to attach themselves from those organisations which are high in performing corporate social responsibility (Green and Peloza, 2011). A socially responsible business also have several opportunities of getting huge support from the legal authorities and Governments as they are having involvement in social development of the masses and the societies (Lee and Park, 2009). Al these management decisions and the merger of the hotel chains offer numerous advantages to the hotels involved in the merger process. With the merger, there is integration of the technologies and strengths of all these hotel chains that offer the benefits of synergy to these hotel chains. With the impact of synergy, the hotel chains gain increased and continued patronage which was not possible by working on an individual basis. There is requirement of high investments, technologies, labours, etc. when there will be the merger of the hotel chains, there will be combine patronage which will boost the development of the hotel chains and attract customers in an effective manner. These managerial decisions and merger will effectively help the hotel chains in successfully competing with sites like booking.com and hotels.com. With such a big merger, there is a vital role of Information System (IS) and Information Technology (IT). Information technology and information systems are two different aspects which have their diverse meaning and use and approach. Information system can be explained as a set of coordinated network of components that works together in a combined form for the purpose of processing, distribution and generation of information. The information systems are primarily in the form of management support systems and operations support systems in an organisation (Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen, 2014). On the other hand, information technology can be explained as an integration of the telecommunication equipment with the computer for the purpose of storage, manipulating, retrieving and storing the data. The use of information technology helps in increasing the organisational performance as it offers edge in resolving several social issues and it also make the information system user friendly and affordable (Bilbao-Osorio, Dutta and Lanvin, 2013). There are several IS and IT related issues which the hotel chains will face because of the merger and integration of technologies. There are numerous issues such as user interface issues, employment issues, legal issues, sustainability issues, data conversion issues, technology compatibility issues, scalability issues, etc. With more technological development due to merger, there is increase use of machines and improved technologies rather than the people. This affects the customer choice as well as the brand loyalty from the employees side (Borgia, 2014). The newly developed user interface is not necessary to friendly and easily functional by all set of customer groups. There are wide range of customer groups which are deprived of the knowledge of taking sue of such high-tech systems and technologies. Therefore, such customers prefer other hotel groups which offer easily accessible service to them without much effort. Replacing people with machines also impacts the employees in a ne gative manner as the most of the work and operations are now automated therefore the employees resigned because of less area for development and incompetence to work on improved and high0tech systems (Stair and Reynolds, 2015). The next major issue which impacts the planned goals of the hotel chains is the data conversion issues and user interface issues. Because of the merger of the business, there is integration of all the data of the different hotel chains. There is an extensive that the hotel chains must have appropriate technology for the data conversion. The customers can get highly confused because of presence of enormous amount of data on a single website for thousands of hotels. Thus, it becomes very difficult for user interface point top use such services. Thus, it is essential to solve this issue of information system. This highly affects the customer choice as there are several groups of customers that wants a puzzle-free and direct information which acne hemp them in faster access to the services (Galliers and Leidner, 2014). The issues of data conversion may result in switching of those customers on other hotel sites which can offer them direct mode of booking and other associated services. Th e other issues such as technology compatibility scalability issue also impacts the continued patronage and access to new opportunities as it not necessary that all the hotels chains access similar software or systems and possess the most competent technologies and systems. Thus, it raise concerns for the hotel chains to have access to new business opportunities and continued patronage because of barricades arise because of some of the hotel chains that are less technologically developed (Helander, 2014). Conclusion and Recommendations In present scenario, facing and sustaining the market competition is one of the toughest jobs for the business organisation and primarily in the hospitality industry which is rapidly developing as well as extending. Because of numerous new entries in the market, it has become a challenge for the large hotel group to decrease their prices and attract the customers. From this report, it can be concluded that merger is a highly potential strategic move for sustaining the market competition. But after having critical analysis of all the managerial decisions and goals, it is recommended to the hotel chains that they must also have several other strategies and approaches for attracting the new and competitors customers. There can be use of effective customer relationship management practices for fetching the attention of the customers. Offering special packages discount and after sales service to the customers are highly vital in present competitive markets. The hotel chains must also prov ide additional benefits like special offers on weekends and in peak seasons so that the hotel chains can become the first choice of the potential customers. There can also have access to new business opportunities by the integration of the technologies such as offering the customers with personalised automated tour guide, internet and other technological services to be offered to the customers on site, etc. As well as it is also essential that the management must have its primary focus on resolving the issues related to information system and information technology for achieving increased customer base. References Arvidsson, V., Holmstrm, J., Lyytinen, K. (2014). Information systems use as strategy practice: A multi-dimensional view of strategic information system implementation and use.The Journal of Strategic Information Systems,23(1), 45-61. Bilbao-Osorio, B., Dutta, S., Lanvin, B. (2013, April). The global information technology report 2013. InWorld Economic Forum(pp. 1-383).s Bohdanowicz, P., Zientara, P. (2008). Corporate social responsibility in hospitality: Issues and implications. A case study of Scandic.Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism,8(4), 271-293. Bolton, R. N., Kannan, P. K., Bramlett, M. D. (2000). Implications of loyalty program membership and service experiences for customer retention and value.Journal of the academy of marketing science,28(1), 95-108. Borgia, E. (2014). The Internet of Things vision: Key features, applications and open issues.Computer Communications,54, 1-31. Cunill, O. M. (2006).The growth strategies of hotel chains: Best business practices by leading companies. Routledge. Galliers, R. D., Leidner, D. E. (2014).Strategic information management: challenges and strategies in managing information systems. Routledge. Green, T., Peloza, J. (2011). How does corporate social responsibility create value for consumers?.Journal of Consumer Marketing,28(1), 48-56. Guo, X., Ling, L., Dong, Y., Liang, L. (2013). Cooperation contract in tourism supply chains: The optimal pricing strategy of hotels for cooperative third party strategic websites.Annals of Tourism Research,41, 20-41. Guo, X., Zheng, X., Ling, L., Yang, C. (2014). Online coopetition between hotels and online travel agencies: From the perspective of cash back after stay.Tourism Management Perspectives,12, 104-112. Helander, M. G. (Ed.). (2014).Handbook of human-computer interaction. Elsevier. Lee, S., Park, S. Y. (2009). Do socially responsible activities help hotels and casinos achieve their financial goals?.International Journal of Hospitality Management,28(1), 105-112. Lo, A. K., Lynch Jr, J. G., Staelin, R. (2007). How to attract customers by giving them the short end of the stick.Journal of Marketing Research,44(1), 128-141. Stair, R., Reynolds, G. (2015).Fundamentals of information systems. Cengage Learning. Suh, E., Tanford, S., Singh, A. (2012). The indirect gaming contributions of cash and comped casino dining: does providing complimentary meals pay off at the slots?.International Journal of Hospitality Management,31(4), 1303-1310. Taylor, D. (2012).Hospitality sales and promotion. Routledge. Uncles, M. D., Dowling, G. R., Hammond, K. (2003). Customer loyalty and customer loyalty programs.Journal of consumer marketing,20(4), 294-316.

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Business Decision Analysis Manufacturing Industriesâ€Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Business Decision Analysis for Manufacturing Industries. Answer: Introduction Manufacturing industries have their unique model of working based on various environmental factors. These models help in smooth functioning of any organisation. Decision making models helps to take various decisions of the organisations and these models solve various problems in various situations. These models depend on the environmental or external factors of the industry. Decisions are taken for the manufacturing industries on considering the environmental or external factors of the industry. Apparel manufacturing industries in Australia face various constraints regarding the material used, the price of the materials and their quality (Power et al., 2014). Decisions making models are set up in this context, which helps the manufacturing companies to decide about the contents of the apparels. Literature review The apparel manufacturing companies of Australia have various models in their course of business. These models include various environmental or external factors that have an impact on their business. Decision tree analysis was usually done on these models, this analysis helped the apparel manufacturing companies to have a smooth functioning of their business, and they earned more profit in the business. Considering the environmental or external factors, the appeal manufacturing industry of Australia decided the type of product they would use for the manufacturing of the products (Yager Kacprzyk, 2012). Decisions were taken on the material to be used in the manufacturing, quality of the materials to be used and the price of the materials. These analyses had helped the companies to make successful decisions about the materials they would use in the manufacturing of apparel (Berger, 2013). The apparels must also satisfy the customers demands and they should live up to the desired quali ty of the customers. Thus, decision tree analysis had helped the manufacturing companies to decide about the correct material of the appeals such that the price constraints, quality constraints and demand of the customers are satisfied. Australia is a large manufacturer of wool and it produces many woollen products. Manufacturing of these products increase the export of these products and provides with a huge amount of cash inflow to the companies (Wakker, 2013). The companies in turn buy different kind of raw materials that is required for the manufacturing of the apparels. These raw materials vary in their quality, price and texture. This results to cash outflow of the company. The differences between the cash inflow and the cash outflow of the company results to net present value of the company. The analysis of the net present value reveals the business of the companies of the manufacturing industries. Discussion The data required for the model of this industry includes customers demands, customers satisfaction, price of the raw material, quality of the raw material and amount of raw material required. Here, the dependent variable is customers satisfaction and the independent variables include customers satisfaction, price of raw material, quality of raw material and amount of raw material used (Larichev Moshkovich, 2013). This model gives the various environmental factors that are required for decision model of the apparel manufacturing industry. Parameters are estimated on collecting data from 10 samples. Primary data was used in this analysis. The model built for this analysis is customers satisfaction = 1.402173913 + 0.222826087* price of raw material + 0.081521739 * quality of raw material -0.016304348* amount of raw material. This is the required model for the apparel manufacturing industries in Australia (Bryce et al., 2014). It is seen that the customers satisfaction mainly depends on the price of the raw material of the apparel .This is because the price of the raw material influences the price of the apparel. The amount of raw material does not influence the satisfaction level in a positive way. Thus, this is the required model for the apparel manufacturing industry. It is usually seen that the customers mainly consider the price of the apparel as their satisfaction level. The price of the apparel mainly depends on the price of the raw materials and its quality. In this model, it is seen that the satisfaction level of the customers depend of the price of the raw materials and the quality of the raw materials, positively. Thus, the result is validated and are reliable. Conclusion It is seen that the decision model of the apparel manufacturing industry is an appropriate model as this helps the industry to decide the quality and the price of the raw materials for manufacturing. This helps the manufacturing company to take decisions in context of environmental factors and select the appropriate material regarding its quality, price and other components. Recommendation It is recommended that the apparel manufacturing companies of Australia should also consider other factors like handling of the raw materials, availability of the raw materials and the eco friendliness of these raw materials while taking decisions regarding its usage. These factors also play an important role in upholding the manufacturing industry as well as the environment. References Berger, J. O. (2013).Statistical decision theory and Bayesian analysis. Springer Science Business Media. Bryce, J. M., Flintsch, G., Hall, R. P. (2014). A multi criteria decision analysis technique for including environmental impacts in sustainable infrastructure management business practices.Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment,32, 435-445. Larichev, O. I., Moshkovich, H. M. (2013).Verbal decision analysis for unstructured problems(Vol. 17). Springer Science Business Media. Power, D. J., Sharda, R., Burstein, F. (2015).Decision support systems. John Wiley Sons, Ltd. Wakker, P. P. (2013).Additive representations of preferences: A new foundation of decision analysis(Vol. 4). Springer Science Business Media. Yager, R. R., Kacprzyk, J. (Eds.). (2012).The ordered weighted averaging operators: theory and applications. Springer Science Business Media.

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The True Story free essay sample

A Nightmare On Elm Street and The Mothman In the early part of 1980, American newspapers ran a series of short stories  chronicling a serious epidemic in Southeast Asia which claimed the lives of a number of young adults. According to doctors, these relatively healthy men, all without a history of mental disorders, began reporting strange nightmares which kept them from sleep in order to avoid these terrors in their dreams. The consumption of coffee and other drugs helped the men remain awake, at first, but eventually each man went to sleep. Hours later, the men would be found screaming and violently thrashing in their beds before dying from unknown causes. â€Å"In the Philippines, it’s called bangungot, in Japan pokkuri, in Thailand, something else. † says Dr. Robert Kirschner, a physician familiar with this strange phenomenon. â€Å"But it all roughly translates as the same thing: nightmare death. † While Freddy Krueger was not the reported figure, Southeast Asians believed demons had invaded the dream realm of these men, eventually claiming them in their nightmares. We will write a custom essay sample on The True Story or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These stories eventually came to provide the basis for Wes Craven would build his critical success as a horror director and producer. These events would spawn nine movies in a series and eventually a remake that would still keep this generation’s children up at night. It began in mid-November 1966, when two couples, parked at an old World War II dump site that the locals called TNT, say they were chased by a large creature. They reported the incident to the police, and the sightings continued from there. Some said the creature chased them to the ground. Others suffered from bleeding eyes after reportedly seeing it. Many never slept well again. It did not help to calm fears when the towns investigative reporter Mary Hyre, who had devoted much press coverage to the Mothman, died suddenly. One theory is that people saw a huge sandhill crane that veered off course. Another is that it was a giant, mutated owl. And others say the people in Point Pleasant succumbed to mass hysteria. I believe that some people saw something. It was probably a bird, said Hilda Austin, 58, who lived through the Mothman sightings and is currently the head of the Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. Some of it was just hoax. It could have been something spawned by the toxic ground from the TNT area. Some of the eyewitnesses were on drugs. I thought it was a hoot, everyone just sort of laughed at this. They just thought it was preposterous. But others, like author Loren Coleman, said there is a history of this kind of lore in the Ohio River Valley. The Native American tribes of the area had a long history of passing stories about Thunderbirds, large bird-man figures that were always harbingers of woe. Much like A Nightmare on Elm Street the Mothman has also spawned a filmed, aptly titled The Mothman Prophecies. Which sensationalizes on the stories and warps the Mothman into some seer of disaster. Both of these stories and their movie counterparts have been scaring children and adults alike for decades not just because it was so stylishly executed on film, but because humans are more afraid of the plausible. It does not matter if it happened a 1,000 miles away in the same country or some unknown place in Asia, if the possibility is there it makes the story or film that much more scary and exciting and that is why these movies and stories have survived as long as they have.

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Write An Essay That Fits The Character And Background Of Your College Application

Write An Essay That Fits The Character And Background Of Your College ApplicationA sample essay for college application should offer a writer an opportunity to not only include an information-rich title but also highlight their strength and skills that are going to add value to the essay. College admissions officers are looking for essays that tell them who you are and what you are qualified to contribute to their university or college. Here are three examples of the types of essays that will help a student decide if they should add one to their portfolio.Writing in an Argumentative Form: It is more difficult than it sounds. The person on the admissions committee has to be able to interpret what the writer is trying to communicate and ultimately prove a point. For example, a student applying to medicine needs to find a way to support their assertion that learning disability challenges is important. Their essay might read like this: 'Learning Dissability Challenges is critical for hel ping students learn about personal health care.' On the other hand, a reader may read something like this: 'Learning Dissability Challenges is crucial for teaching students about personal health care.'Successful Essays In an Informative Format: This includes emphasizing both positive and negative aspects of the topic at hand. For example, a student applying to management needs to include details about how their GPA has risen during their time in college. A reader looking for a positive experience would want to see the good things that the student has done since enrolling in college, and vice versa.An Example Of A Professional Academic Paper: College admissions writers are often busy and often want the impression that they are reading an academic essay. An example of this would be a student who has written about the creative ideas of their current semester class, or a story about an interesting idea they had while spending time with the university students. A reader looking for a pro fessional paper would find this type of information interesting and exciting.A Sample Essay About The Current Event: 'America is under attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' is an example of a timely example of a sample essay for college application. This will use the current crisis to inform the reader about the world of present-day Middle Eastern events. These essays are especially effective if they are using current news as a primary topic. This will also look professional because the student has included their name as the author.A Sample Essay About Changing Educational Expectations: Changing educational expectations can change the types of college applications that students choose to write. A student may take an elective course in high school and elect to focus on subjects other than English or History. Because they are no longer limited by the curriculum, they may now apply to universities and colleges that are a little farther away. This is a timely example of a sampl e essay for college application that can address changing educational needs.Writing about a current incident is one of the best examples of an essay for a college application. A student who has recently gone on vacation may choose to write about their travels. A student who received some bad news about their family may write about the situation.An example of writing about a current event or being a part of a current situation will not appear as long as the student has included their name as the author. An example of a long essay will not appear on the application as long as the writer includes their name as the author. So, remember to include your name when writing about an important incident or event that has just occurred in your life!

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Suggested Attire for an Immigration Interview

Suggested Attire for an Immigration Interview It is rare to find a person who is not the least bit nervous about an immigration interview. This is the face-to-face meeting with an immigration officer who will evaluate an applicants credibility and eligibility for entrance into the United States for as long or as short a stay as is requested. As with any meeting, first impressions do matter. A persons presentation, demeanor, and appearance play into that impression. Does Appearance Matter Officially? Officially, what you wear should have no bearing on the interviewing officers adjudication of your case. When conducting an interview, immigration officers must be nonjudgmental and nonmoralistic, setting aside any personal biases. Even if the immigration officer feels personally offended by your attire, he or she must put personal feelings aside and not allow them to have any bearing on the final determinations. That said, remaining completely neutral is very difficult. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration officers are trained to avoid letting their personal judgments affect a case, but interviewees can ease the process by dressing in a professional, respectful manner. Suggested Attire A good rule of thumb is to dress as if you were going to a job interview for an office job or meeting your partners family for the first time. In other words, wear something clean, comfortable, moderately conservative, and presentable that makes a good impression. Clothing does not have to be expensive, but it should be clean and pressed. Polishing shoes so they shine brilliantly is not necessary, but do give them a quick wipe if they need it. Attire can include clothing that is business casual, such as a clean, pressed outfit- a less formal version of classic business attire. If an applicant feels comfortable wearing a suit, then that would be a good choice. If the applicant feels a suit would be uncomfortable, then a pair of pants, a nice shirt, a skirt, or a dress is suitable as well. What Not to Wear Do not wear anything that might be considered offensive or controversial. This includes political slogans or pictures. Use perfume or cologne sparingly. Some people have allergies and sensitivities to scents. Since waiting rooms have a tendency to get cramped at times, competing scents may overwhelm the room and bother an interviewer. Other suggestions of what not to wear include gym clothes, such as sweatpants, tank tops, or shorts. Use your own discretion with makeup and hairstyles; choosing a look that is not too distracting for the interviewer would be best. Attire for the Naturalization Ceremony Taking the oath to become a U.S. citizen is an important ceremony. People will be bringing guests, and some ceremonies may have famous people, such as dignitaries or other newsmakers, in attendance, so at least business casual is recommended. Expect that lots of pictures will be taken, too. According to the USCIS Guide to Naturalization web page for the naturalization ceremony, The naturalization ceremony is a solemn and meaningful event. USCIS asks that you dress in proper attire to respect the dignity of this event.

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Urban Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Urban Health - Essay Example It is tabulated that about two-thirds of Europeans lives in towns and cities (WHO, 2010, p. 1). It is estimated that, by 2050, 70% of the people will migrate and live in cities. Urban health is known to depend on factors such as governance, characteristics of the population, food security, social and economic developments (Which, 2010, p. 2). This paper deals with TB as an urban health hazard in Newham, London boroughs. We will discuss how determinants of health contribute to TB infection. Moreover, the infection and transmission mechanisms of the diseases will be discussed under various sections of urban life. Finally, strategies and recommendations in control of the disease will be highlighted. According to Centre for Disease Control, TB is an airborne disease that is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (CDC, 2013, p. 2). The disease was declared a global disaster in 1993 with a campaign plan against it being scheduled in 2006 to save about 14 million victims by the year 2015 (WHO. 2011, p. 23).The pathogen specifically attacks the lungs, but other parts such as spine, kidney and brain are attacked. Extra pulmonary TB occurs outside the lungs. On the other hand, pulmonary TB occurs in the lung. However, the two types can co-exist. Improper treatment of the disease is fatal and may lead to death. Its spread through the air makes it transmittable through coughs, sneeze and other respiratory droplets. It is recorded that in every ten case of TB, half the number that is left untreated leads to 50% deaths (WHO, 2011, p. 3). A third of the whole world’s population is assumed to be affected by M. tuberculosis. Approximations of 1% of new infections are known to occur each year (WHO, 2002, p. 4). In 2007, 13.7million cases of active chronic infections were reported globally. However, in 2010, the number reduced to 8.8 million cases with an approximation of about 1.5 million global deaths. Most of the cases

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Several Topics(Marketing 301) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Several Topics(Marketing 301) - Essay Example These compose the type of wholesalers who basically buy a large amount of product and later on resell them to the retailers. The other type is called, functional intermediaries who are responsible in speeding up the transaction between the retailers and the producers or manufacturers for a certain amount of compensation. Wholesale intermediaries are responsible for customers to have the product that they need. Without these wholesalers, people would need to buy straight from the manufacturers which is a hassle for both the consumer and the manufacturer. This is a problem, since people would need to buy a small amount of product in different manufacturers which are in different and scattered places. With respect to the possible effect of wholesale intermediaries to retailers, it is actually a mutual benefit for both party. First, the process of transfer of goods would be a lot faster and easier. Retailers would not need to buy product in different manufacturers but instead they could get different products in a single place. Also, since the purchase of product of the wholesaler is usually discounted, retailers could derive the product in a nearer place thus, reducing the amount that could have been spend for transportation if wholesalers are not present. The emergence of internet has helped retailers and wholesalers alike to get to the customers more efficiently. Through the internet, a certain consumer could decide which product he or she would prefer, eliminating the time spent for conversation and explanation that is usually done for the satisfaction of consumers. The emergence of the internet has played a vital role in connecting people from all over the world. With this, people from the other parts of the world could communicate with the retailers or wholesaler about the product which they would want to purchase. Locate advertising for two products that illustrate an effective brand name, brand mark, packaging and overall "trade dress". Explain why you think each product has a strong brand identity. Two products which I think illustrate an effective brand name, brand mark, packaging and overall "trade dress" are Motorola cellular phone and Pepsi Cola. Motorola in its television advertisement have successfully demonstrated the importance of products being just some millimeter in width. The brand mark of the Motorola products are usually slim and innovative cell phones which still functions as competitive as any other cellular phones. The packaging of the product makes one to think that the slimmest of the product could make someone look more important and that it is a millimeter worth wanting. The Pepsi ad which usually shows famous personalities drinking the product has created an impression regarding the products worth. It shows that these famous celebrities are enjoying and are purchasing the product which creates a packaging that if one would drink the product he or she could be at least in the same level as the rich and famous, at least in the brand of cola that one is purch asing. Each product has a strong brand identity because if one would mentions cola, the first thing that would come to mind is usually Pepsi. If one mentions a slim cellular phone, the brand that would pop in the mind would be Motorola. Consider a customer service experience you have had in the last month or so. Was it positive or negative Describe you're experience and then

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Guru Nanak and Meera Bai Essay Example for Free

Guru Nanak and Meera Bai Essay Guru Nanak is the founder and first guru of the Sikh religion. He was born in a small town outside of Lahore, India (now Pakistan) to a family in the merchant caste. As a young man, Guru Nanak married and had children. Yet he didnt fit easily into family expectations. He seems to have only reluctantly entered the clerical profession suggested by his family, often feeling the call to turn inward in meditation at key points in his life. Guru Nanaks moment of enlightenment came when, after singing devotional songs, he bathed in the Vein River near Sultanpur. In that moment he was elevated to the heavenly state, where he received amrit, the drink of immortality in the form of the divine name. He remained in deep silence after this transcendent experience for some time, and then he started to formulate his revelation through the statement, There is neither Hindu nor Muslim suggesting the universal brotherhood we all share through the divine vision. After this awakening, Guru Nanak left his job and became a wandering holy man. He eventually settled at Kartarpur along the Ravi River, where he lived out the rest of his life. For others with the same name, see Meera (disambiguation) Meerabai (Rajasthani: ) (c. 1498-c. 1547AD) (alternate orthographies: Meera; Mira; Meera Bai) was an aristocratic Hindu mystical singer and sahajiya (apasampradaya) devotee of lord Krishna from Rajasthan and one of the most significant figures of the Sant tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 12-1300 prayerful songs or bhajans attributed to her are popular throughout India and have been published in several translations worldwide. In the bhakti tradition, they are in passionate praise of lord Krishna. Details of her life, which has been the subject of several films, are pieced together from her poetry and stories recounted by her community and are of debatable historical authenticity, particularly those that connect her with the later Tansen. On the other hand, the traditions that make her a disciple of Ravidas who disputed with Rupa Goswami are consonant with the usual account of her life.

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Great Gatsby’s Commentary on the American Dream Essay -- Literary Ana

There are times when reality falls short of expectations, and when individuals fail to live up to their ideals. The quest to attain what we really want can be an all-encompassing one, requiring all of our devotion and effort. It is especially painful to see others possess what we cannot have. For the characters in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby these problems are all too real. Gatsby works for a lifetime to gain back what he feels is rightfully his, while facing the crushing realization that he may be too late. Fitzgerald uses this futile search to introduce the idea that the idealized America Gatsby fought for has been corrupted over time. Descriptions of a land of picket fences and middle class freedom is exchanged for one based on greed and lies, where characters will stop at nothing to obtain what they desire. Fitzgerald provides a window into the American Dream, and shows that it has become one based on immorality and deception. Although the marriage of Daisy and Tom Buchanan may have been based on love and devotion, it, like the American Dream as a whole, has been corrupted to become disingenuous and predatory. Tom and Daisy are two people who are content with the somewhat platonic relationship they share, and acquire a child like they would a diamond necklace, a display of affection rather than in the interest of starting a family. One of the first indications that readers receive that the marriage is unhealthy is when Tom interrupts dinner to take a call from his mistress. This event fails to cause a stir in the household, and is merely brushed off by Jordan, who finds fault with the annoying time of the interruption rather than its meaning. Taking on the removed role usually filled by Nick, she comments that Tom’s mist... ... centers on the hollow characters of the East and their careless and senseless ways of living. Fitzgerald uses his work to provide a social commentary on the nature of America and the condition of the American Dream as it pertains to society in the 1920’s. By using characters like Nick as outsiders to the Eastern world of wealth and sophistication, he is able to provide readers a glimpse into the glamorous life that the Buchanans lead, yet also reveal their flaws. The inclusion of Gatsby also aids in the creation of the image of the American Dream as one grounded in lies and infidelity. Where some may see the promise of America to be the ability to gain a large estate on Long Island, Fitzgerald shows that this is not enough, that the true dream is the ability to not care about the messes one makes, and to be able to leave them to someone else to be cleaned up.

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Marketing Campaign: Organic Foods Essay

Our campaign, â€Å"why organic? †, includes a series of print ads that increase awareness to consumers about chemically injected foods. Our campaign is differentiated from other campaigns by the multiple perspectives our ads take while sharing a common theme in design and overall point. Humorous, fearful, and informative pictures and facts are used to show consumers the connection between non-organic foods and disease, cancer, and other disorders in consumers. Although organic foods are more expensive in the long run the benefits of eating healthy outweigh the cost of purchasing them. SWOT Analysis: Strengths. In general, the growing concern for healthful habits is beneficial to our campaign. Mothers’ desire for a long and healthy life for their children is largely helpful. Consumers are becoming more aware of the toxins and chemicals used in foods, and want better grocery options. This is apparent in the recent increase of organic food retail sales. â€Å"The Health of Organic Foods† states that sales have steadily been increasing in recent years. The prevalent demand for organic foods will increase the attractiveness of our campaign while catching the attention of other consumers who are not yet aware or sold on the idea. The honesty of â€Å"why organic? † has the strength to build a strong brand image, making the campaign a credible influence to shopping mothers. Weaknesses When promoting organic food choices, there are factors that could potentially weaken the effectiveness of the campaign. Cost is an important purchasing consideration for consumers and a potential weakness for a campaign supporting organic foods. Traditionally, organic foods are more expensive than average groceries. The recent recession has raised consumers’ cost sensitivity. In addition, consumers lack awareness and require further education about the dangers of food additives and the benefits of organic food choices. Opportunities The opportunities pertaining to a campaign centralized around moving to organic food choices includes improving the standard of living for people who do make the choice to avoid chemically injected foods. Food habits have been changing, which creates big opportunities for our campaign. One opportunity we are implementing is partnering with the Breast Cancer Society to motivate women to eat organic foods, which is proven to help prevent breast cancer. A second opportunity is to pair up with restaurants and have them come up with some organic dishes for their menus to offer consumers. A third opportunity is to form an alliance with the Food Network and allow the chefs to start cooking organic meals, and inform their audiences on the benefits of eating organic food. Food habits have been starting to change, which will help allow us to reach consumers better than ever before. Threats A potential threat to a campaign targeting the dangers in U. S. meats is the potential negative reaction from the USDA. Being a direct advocate for avoiding purchasing their products could possibly lead to heavy controversy and ultimately litigation. So, treading lightly and focusing on solid facts is pertinent. Another threat includes competitors such as McDonald’s and other fast food places, where it’s very quick and easy to get processed foods that the campaign is fighting against. Market Selection We have selected mothers of all ages and incomes as the target market. Typically mothers are the influencing agents on grocery purchases. Making mothers the target of the campaign will increase their awareness regarding the dangerous effects of food additives in non-organic milk, meat, and other non organic products that they feed their children. The dangerous diseases and effects of non-organic foods, creates the incentive to make organic food choices. Promotional Advertisements Our advertisements, â€Å"why organic? †, are designed to attract the concern of mothers regarding the foods their families are eating. Our advertisements make consumers question their current non-organic buying habits and consider organic foods. We developed a print ad targeting consumers who purchase fruits and to increase awareness of the pesticide sprays used when farming and how it affects consumer’s health. Another print ad targets Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) additive links to Breast Caner in women. Studies of animals exposed to rBST, which increases levels of insulin-like growth factor in cows, raise concerns about potential changes in milk protein that links estrogen exposure to breast cancer. The longer the exposure to high levels of the hormone, the greater the breast cancer risk (Organic Valley). The processed chicken print ad is targeted to the 90 percent of Americans who spend their food budget on processed meats that tastes appetizing but have dangerous future health defects (Sustainable Table). Our final print ad targets food coloring and additive links that lead to increased levels of hyperactivity, irritability and restlessness that are common signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in children. An upset baby surrounded with additives being fed to it will be used as the face of our â€Å"why organic? † campaign. This advertisement will reach our target market of mothers, and convey the message that they are essentially feeding their children ADHD, ear infections, eczema, and other health problems. The call to action will leave consumers questioning whether they would in fact feed their children harmful additives. Benefits Sought/Solutions Provided The benefits of encouraging consumers to follow our campaign â€Å"why organic† increases awareness of the dangerous effects associated with food additives, food preservatives, food coloring and pesticides ingested by consumers daily. The value that will be communicated through the integrated marketing campaign is removing the veil that the meat, dairy, and farmers have put in place through educating consumers and ultimately improving their health and children’s future eating habits. The value extends beyond tangible benefits of preventing cancers, neurological problems, and behavioral issues. The value of the campaign is more than just functional but offers emotional benefit as well like security and confidence. Knowing that the parent is instilling healthy eating habits in their children, as well as being a positive example, plays a significant role in the importance of the campaign. The solution of our campaign ideally will be to ultimately eliminate all forms of genetically altered foods by increasing awareness in consumers to make a difference in their lives as well as others by making the decision to purchase organic and ultimately decrease the profits of companies producing unhealthy foods for consumers. Campaign Execution Print ads with the slogan â€Å"why organic? † followed by a specific health risk and an emotional connection to the picture shown is the basis for the integrated marketing campaign to increase awareness about the dangers of food additives and the importance of transitioning to purchasing organic foods. Specifically, hormone injected chicken which is shown in a photo as a â€Å"pink mush† reveals the truth about processed chicken that most mothers have fed children since childhood. The veil that meat suppliers and non-organic farmers have placed over consumers eyes have shielded the true effects of the processes that food goes through. The whole basis of processing food is to gain more profit through bigger produce and bulkier meat products. The result of these injections and additives are dangerous cancers, hyper-activity, neurological deficiencies, and physical disorders. By keeping the print ads consistent at each consumer touch point is important to conveying a recognizable and memorable campaign in the consumers mind. In order to instill a loyalty to the concept of organic foods, it is important to have multiple touch points that involves more than just the magazine print ads. Joint promotions with the National Breast Cancer Association in the campaign to â€Å"fight for a cure for breast cancer† touches the perfect target market for this campaign, women. According to nationalbreastcancer. org, â€Å"NBCF is one of the most highly visible and recognized breast cancer charities in America. † At the â€Å"Race for the Cure† this October in Charlotte, the magazine print ads will be displayed along the run path which had a participation level of 1 million people in 2010, according to http://www. komencharlotte. org. The ultimate goal for the joint promotion with the Breast Cancer Society is to inform the target market of a possible cause of breast cancer (and prostate cancer). In addition, we aim to motivate them to make adjustments in their food habits and transition towards purchasing organic foods to decrease their risk for the very cancer they are fighting. To have an opportunity to reach such a large portion of the Charlotte target market is a substantial step in impacting mothers in the greater Charlotte area and a step towards moving nationally. In order to spread the awareness of the dangers in food additives the print ads will continue to travel as the race for the cure travels across the country in addition to being placed in four national magazines, on food network TV and on foodnetwork. com which will be detailed in a later section. The combination between magazine print ads and a joint campaign with the Breast Cancer Society will ultimately provide the consumer education needed to persuade the target market to follow our campaign and impact their decision whether to change their food purchasing habits. Marketing Mix: Product The marketing mix is a pertinent factor in the integrated campaign because it ties together each individual effort to create awareness. First, magazine print ads that advocate purchasing organic meat, dairy products, fruit, and vegetables will be implemented. The print ads emphasize the link between dangerous health effects and hormone injected bovine, diary products, and pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables. Pesticides may increase the risk of cancer and neurological problems (such as Parkinson’s disease), impair the immune system, and may even result in hepatitis A found from consuming strawberries. In addition, E-coli infection has shown to stem from non-organic alfalfa sprouts and lettuce. These dangerous effects are just a few of the hundreds of health risks pertaining to non-organic food choices. Place. The awareness about the health risks of non-organic foods will be created via catalogue print ads in Parenting, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, and Mothering Magazine and Internet ads on each catalogue website as well as teaming up with foodnetwork. com and food network TV. Food Network chefs advocating using organic meats and dairy products in home cooking would have a significant impact on mothers learning to cook and grabbing new recipes from such a well renowned source. In the magazines, one print ad shows the link between ADHD, hyperactivity, and food coloring. This ad would be placed in Parenting Magazine to target mothers who are dealing with the increasing problems with hyperactivity disorders in children. The importance of the ad would be to make mothers aware of a potential source for these disorders and to motivate them to make a change in purchasing food items and ultimately decrease their children’s risk of developing a hyperactivity disorder. Another touch point to reach mothers would be placing two of the print ads in Women’s Health Magazine and website. The two applicable print ads would include the photo of non-organic fruit causing neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. A call to action, â€Å"join the fight†, in Women’s Health Magazine would feature the connection between non-organic meats injected with rGBH and rBST and breast cancer. The same print ads pertaining to women can be printed on five by three foot banners and hung at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this October in Charlotte. The final consumer touch point would be included on foodnetwork. com, their magazine, and Cooking Light Magazine. The print ad to be published on these cooking sites would be the ad showing processed chicken which has been mashed, dyed, injected with hormones and ammonia, and will be turned into chicken nuggets. Chemically injected chicken has been shown to cause underdeveloped metabolism in infants and neurological problems in adults according to buzzle. com â€Å"Pregnancy and Nutrition. † A successful marketing mix is the backbone in creating an integrated marketing campaign and the key to creating awareness among mothers about the true dangers of food additives and the benefits of purchasing organic foods. Promotion In addition to public relations activities to foster goodwill through joint advertising with the National Breast Cancer Society, the event sponsorship will be paired with Internet communications on nationalbreastcancer.org with links to the campaign’s website and facebook page. From the campaign website and Facebook page consumers can learn about the specific dangers of the foods they purchase, the effects of the additives in their non-organic choices, and download organic food recipes that are plausible for young mothers who are creating the foundations for their cooking habits. Works Cited â€Å"10 SWOT Analysis. † Organic Food Cafe. 25 Jan. 2008. Retrieved Web. 06 May 2011.. ADHD linked to food coloring. Retrieved 8 May 2011. Organic Valley. Retrieved 8 May 2011. http://www. cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-20048725-10391704. html> Organic Valley. Retrieved 8 May 2011. http://www. organicvalley. coop/why-organic/synthetic-hormones/about-rbgh/> Processed Chicken Effects. Retrieved 8 May 2011. Sustainable Table. Retrieved 8 May 2011. â€Å"The Health of Organic Foods. † Reference Articles on All Topics. CBS, May 2003. Web. 06 May 2011. . â€Å"Processed Chicken,† Agro Products. Retrieved 2 May 2011. http://www. agriculturalproductsindia. com/processed-foods-snacks/processed- foods-snacks-processed-chicken. html> Reference Articles on Organics. CBS, May 2003. Web. 06 May 2011.

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History of Adhesives and Glue

Archeologists excavating burial sites from 4000 BC have discovered clay pots repaired with glue made from tree sap. We know that the ancient Greeks developed adhesives for use in carpentry, and created recipes for glue that included the following items as ingredients: egg whites, blood, bones, milk, cheese, vegetables, and grains. Tar and beeswax were used by the Romans for glue. Around 1750, the first glue or adhesive patent was issued in Britain. The glue was made from fish. Patents were then rapidly issued for adhesives using natural rubber, animal bones, fish, starch, milk protein or casein. Superglue - Synthetic Glue Superglue or Krazy Glue is a substance called cyanoacrylate that was discovered by Dr. Harry Coover while working for Kodak Research Laboratories to develop an optically clear plastic for gunsights in 1942. Coover rejected cyanoacrylate because it was too sticky. In 1951, cyanoacrylate was rediscovered by Coover and Dr. Fred Joyner. Coover was now supervising research at the Eastman Company in Tennessee. Coover and Joyner were researching a heat-resistant acrylate polymer for jet canopies when Joyner spread a film of ethyl cyanoacrylate between refractometer prisms and discovered that the prisms were glued together. Coover finally realized that cyanoacrylate was a useful product and in 1958 the Eastman compound #910 was marketed and later packaged as superglue. Hot Glue - Thermoplastic Glue Hot glue or hot melt adhesives are thermoplastics that are applied hot (often using glue guns) and then harden as they cool. Hot glue and glue guns are commonly used for arts and crafts because of the wide range of materials that hot glue can stick together. Procter Gamble chemical and packaging engineer, Paul Cope invented thermoplastic glue around 1940 as an improvement to water-based adhesives that were failing in humid climates. This to That A nifty site that tells you what to use to glue anything to anything else. Read the trivia section for historical information. According to the â€Å"This to That† website, the famous cow used as the trademark on all Elmer’s glue products is actually named Elsie, and she is the spouse of Elmer, the bull (male cow) who the company is named after.